Thursday, March 10, 2005

Is a PIG a PET?

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Dear Betty:

We are managing a beautiful building which we took over last year. We had been hearing comments that someone had a pet pig and the pig was seen in the courtyard on several occasions.

Finally, the Board was able to track down the “home unit” where the pig resides.

Of course, the Bylaws are clear on what type of pets… pigs are not included.

The Corporation served notice on the owner to have the pig removed permanently from the premises as it is not an approved pet and quite a few people are appalled at this. The other day I received a call from an elderly lady who lives in the building and she said she was getting on the elevator and was sure she heard a “pig” snorting.

If the owner does not remove the pig, I guess we have no alternative but to take to legal action. Is this correct?

The last email I received was from a gentleman who lives next door to the pig and he basically said, “ If I wanted to live next door to a pig, I would have bought a Barn”.

And they wonder why property managers are stressed!


Dear CM

In most bylaws "Livestock" are not permitted, whether purchased in a pet store or from a farmer. It would seem this is a clear bylaw infraction.

Remedies would range from the ability to fine the owner (if bylaws allow this) to filing an injunction with the Court of Queens Bench. I would suggest the Board request this "pig" be removed within 5 days (or whatever is reasonable) and follow with a fine and legal action if the owner insists on ignoring the pet bylaw.

You may want to check with the City bylaws as a PIG may fall under their rules of where livestock can be housed.

In any case I think the Pig will need to go. Be sure this owner is clear on what qualifies as a "pet" in future!

Thanks for sharing your adventure!


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