Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Buying a Unit


One of my board members has a friend who is buying a unit which is managed by Gateway Management. Cannot find much on them for info and would like to know if you know how many buildings they manage and how long they have been around.



Dear C.M.

Great question. Unfortunately, with privacy legislation this is not information that could be easily available. I would suggest you recommend to your friend that they have a document review done by Condo-Check, www.condo-check.com, once they have selected the unit they want to purchase. Contact Louise at (403)509-2462 in South Alberta and Brenda at 1-888-309-0377, or (403) 309-0378. A review of the condominium documents will provide your friend with the information they require to make an informed buying decision, including information on how the site is being managed.


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